So, you wanna learn about Josh, eh?

Quite right. Welcome to JoshWork, the portfolio and 2022 Presidential Campaign page for Josh Jacobs.

Josh is a multidisciplinary designer based out of Atlanta, GA. Currently, he is UX-ing for IHG, but in his spare time Josh enjoys the art of the dad joke, playing Overwatch, and Free Art Friday (google it).
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Here's a random thing I'm into:

#FAFATL. Google it.

Reviews of Josh:

"Josh is great. Period."

- Elon Musk

"Straight up funny."

- Jim Carey

"He should shower more"

- Josh's mom

"And the pun of the year award goes to..."

- Ryan Seacrest

"Don't think. Just hire him"

- Everyone

"What's this for? Don't use my name."

- Anonymous

Here's a piece of art I made:

"Smiling bearded man"

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