Hi!  I'm Josh, an Atlanta-based Art Director. 

This Experience is a work in progress.

Photo of Josh, looking handsomely into the distance.


IHG Pay with Points

Users asked for a new way to use their points. IHG Delivered.
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IHG Simplified Login

A case study in catching up, 36 years in the making
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Regent Hotels Concept

Re-telling a time-honored story of travel.
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Snowperson Builder

3 Billion Pixel-Perfect Permutations
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avid Hotels

Welcome to the future of everyday travel.
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Holiday Inn Express

Being informed means being the Readiest™.
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IHG Your Rate

AKA the one with over 500 assets.
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OshKosh B'gosh Iconography

Little, digital pieces of flair.
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OshKosh B'gosh Art Direction

Laying down the lay-downs.
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Crowne Plaza Worklife

The flexibility needed for a more productive tomorrow.
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Web Accessibility

The internet is a wonderful tool for all people to explore, learn and grow. However, not all sites are "accessible" for all people; users who are blind, deaf, or otherwise have to use specialized tools in order to navigate and understand a website's content and structure.

I wanted my main website to be flashy & modern, but in doing so I compromised alot of what makes a website accessible; I misused structural elements, had duplicate image elements with repetitive alt text, and some text definitely did not meet contrast requirements. So I created this secondary experience in the hopes that all users who come to my site will be able to use and understand it, and to help foster knowledge on the importance of web accesibility.

You can read all the guidelines on what makes a website accessible at WebAim, and you can check my site for errors in accessibility using the WAVE tool. Lastly, if you are using accessibility tools to navigate this site and experience any issues, I welcome your feedback any time on my Contact Page.