Crowne Plaza Worklife

It's a blend, not a balance.





The modern business traveler has changed over the years, but the rooms that cater to them have not.


In an effort to better cater to these guests, Crowne Plaza spent millions to create a new type of room: The WorkLife room. A blend of life and business, this room and its subsequent branding encapsulated the new modernity and function of the space while simultaneously speaking to the variety of potential patrons of Crowne Plaza.


I led this creative effort alongside input from Crowne Plaza brand stakeholders with support from my fellow designer Alex Lee.

Crowne Plaza designed the Worklife room so that the Modern Business Traveler can have the best stay possible—whether traveling for business, pleasure, or something in between. Branding such a beast required balance of a different sort; the ability to balance typical stakeholder requests ("Can we make it more colorful, but use less color?") with some semblance of creativity and finesse.


An animated gif showing various different font combinations

It all started with font selection, for which I was rather limited. By exploring all permutations and combinations of the 2-3 fonts available for use, I was able to wade through and sort out the combos which made the most sense and felt the most natural.


A gif showing all the many different initial permutations of logo designs for this project.

There were alot of versions. Like, SO many.

A man on the patio of a hotel room doing yoga on a blue mat while also talking on the phone.

Concept 1: Inline / Clean.

The Inline icon was built to one purpose; take cues directly from the pre-existing internal branding, mixed with some subtle, purposeful changes, to create something to work in an ecosystem rather than on its own. While this approach is all well and good, it's a little too... basic for my taste, and the stakeholders for the project shared this opinion.

A blue box contains the word "WorkLife" in baby blue, and underneath that in a smaller, plum-colored box is the word "Room"

Concept 2: Power.

Why do people stay at hotels? To rest? To have fun? To get things done? WorkLife is all about having the option to do all of the above, and empowering guests to do so at every step of their journey.

The power logo takes this concept and subtly incorporates its premise visually into the mark. In lieu of normal leading, we’ve made the ‘O’ of WORK and the ‘I’ of LIFE intersect, forming the universal icon for power. This idea is indicative of the power one needs for a long days work but, also the power of rest, relaxation, and the ability to do the everyday at ease. In the WorkLife room you can turn on the productivity with high-end business amenities, or turn off your electronics and curl up with a glass of wine before turning in.

The words "Work" and "Life" are on two separate lines and in grey, surrounded by a grey box. The "O" in "Work" is the universal symbol for power. Underneath that in a smaller, plum-colored box is the word "Room"

Concept 3: The Blend.

The gradient is the most literal representation of the a blend, literally a shared space of two colors in harmony. This striking mark communicates the core concepts of the WorkLife idea through an elegantly modern meld of color. In instances of inversion, a simple white iteration is called for to suppress any potential vibration.

This was the mark that was picked, and was distributed on hundred of pieces of collateral and room materials. However, stakeholders found the gradient (read: the main feature of the mark) to be too striking, and so the final symbol was not what I had hoped for it to be. The room is currently in a trial run at 5 Crowne Plazas around the US, and you can read more about the experience here.

A box contains the word "worklife", and in the same box in the bottom right corner is the word "Room". The background of the box is a gradient from Plum to Yellow

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