The inaugural post of the Joshwork Blog!

Miscellaneous 🤷‍♂️

Over the last 3 months, I've been working as the project lead/UX designer/front end developer for a large project for my company, IHG.

Wearing so many hats was particularly difficult for a number of reasons; the responsibility for launch felt largely on my shoulders. But something wonderful happened while I was working on this project, something that happens often but typically in smaller doses when doing this sort of thing; I learned. I learned ALOT. I learned javascript, I learned a bit of JQuery, I learned how to do 3d transforms in CSS, I learned how to add conditional error messages to forms, and I learned firsthand how hard devs work to do all the shit that they do on a daily basis.

I've gained many hard and soft skills from this project, and once it was done and launched, I sat back and admired not only the work itself, but the learnings that came from it and what they meant for me as an Art Director. It was a wonderful feeling, learning something so unmediated.

Learning is such a critical part of career development. It fosters individual and group confidence while simultaneously adding value to a person as they pertain to their work and their life around them. If I can pass on to even one person these things which I have taught myself, I feel a responsibility to do just that. So I'm kicking off this blog with the hopes that while I learn and grow as an Art Director, I can share pieces of my journey of humility and discovery to the benefit of those who might come upon these posts.

Thank you for taking this journey with me – wish me luck 😅

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