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Never perfect.

I'm Josh ✌️ a Webflow Developer and Senior UX Designer based in Atlanta, GA.

Not currently taking on new freelance work, sorry folks!

I weigh the vogue against the needs of all users.

I leverage my 3+ years of UX experience to help build a web that works for everyone. Here's how I typically do things:

Step 1:


Interview. Research. Map.
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Step 2:


Low-fi. Post-its. Wireframes.
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Step 3:


Hi-fi. Figma. Brand-tastic.
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Step 4:


CSS. HTML. JS. 1 Cup ❤.
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Step Infinity:


Test. Handoff. Retro.
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I work at Mural as a Senior UX Designer.

Before that I was an Art Director at IHG Hotels & Resorts, where I worked my way up from the bottom on UX, Branding & Art Direction projects like these:

In my spare time, I create art for #FAFATL.

Free Art Friday Atlanta is a group of artists who find inspiration to create by deciding to give their work away for free to strangers. It’s cool.

I also freelance as a Webflow dev.

Webflow is a no-code platform which enables developers to quickly & efficiently design and build beautiful, responsive sites. Here are a few of my recent builds:

And my dog, Jax, and cats (Arya, Ezra, & Eevee) bring me daily joy.

You can follow our cats on Instagram at @aryalovesezra and @eeveemeowsbest. Jax doesn't have an Instagram cuz he's 50% cute, 50% gross.

Let's chat.

I try to respond to all emails as fast as I can, but I’ve got a gaggle of dogs and cats to deal with, ya know?
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