The "secret weapon" for hiring the best talent.


Saas Startup

My Role:

Development, Design

Webflow showcase


Searchlight is a San Francisco SaaS start-up based out of San Francisco. Known as the "secret weapon" for hiring the best, diverse talent, Searchlight enables companies interviewing candidates to have insights into strengths and weaknesses without having to conduct more interviews. Additionally, Searchlight serves as a hub for candidate referrals, automatically serving up eligible candidates and their referrals to companies in their repository.


  • Customized & responsive animations of branded patterns based on scroll position
  • An animated, step-by-step process feature narrating how the candidate process works
  • Custom-built from the ground up CMS blog platform featuring custom made post lists, a featured blogs section, and sticky informational rail and page scroll indicators on the blog details page
  • Dedicated candidate hub detailing the ins and outs of the Searchlight platform featuring CMS-powered FAQ accordions and attribute tag details
  • Integrations with Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Stripe Payments, and Intercom

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