Bobby Rowe

We made something special, and had fun along the way.


Agency Manager Folio

My Role:

Design, Development

Webflow showcase


Bobby Rowe is an amazing human. He is so funny and talented, and working with him was a true partnership and delight. Bobby came to me with a brand and gave me creative license to implement a website which is clean, colorful, and showcases who he is as a person and as a talent manager. The final product,, is an absolute delight, and was featured as one of the 'most popular' websites on the Webflow Showcase.


This build is one of a kind, and has several truly unique features, such as:

  • A customized implementation of scrollify.js powering the scrolljacking seen throughout the site
  • A dozen or so custom scrolling interactions for headlines, imagery, and video on the static pages
  • Hand-written JS powered play/pause functionality on the CMS client page videos - play when clicked, paused when closed. All colors, videos, and text on these pages are powered 100% by CMS.
  • CMS-powered case study pages associated to clients. These pages feature sticky sidebars and a unique Vimeo integration to allow unlimited custom Vimeo videos to be embedded into the CMS Rich Text
  • 400% more Beyoncé than on any other implementation I've ever done.
Bobby Rowe

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