Rideshare Association

A vibe representing a spectrum of users.


Gig Economy Startup

My Role:

Brand Design, Asset Creation, Development


Webflow showcase


Rideshare Association of America is an organization providing benefits and tools to better the working lives of gig-economy employees.

I designed the new brand for Rideshare, a set of ideals, colors, and visuals intended to inspire the millions of gig-workers who might come to benefit from their services. The iridescent color scheme and patterns represents these users, a diverse group of individuals coming together with one goal; to make a living helping people. I also had the pleasure of working with illustrator Elle Shaw to craft a style of illustration to complement this userset.


  • Custom-made marquees featuring partner logos
  • Mapbox + CMS implementation to randomly generate maps of major American cities on various places on the site
  • Hand-crafted iridescent patterns and GIFs scattered throughout the site used to emphasize and give motion to otherwise static elements like links and buttons
  • Simple, elegant page transitions provide an extension of the brand
Rideshare Association

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