My very first Webflow gig.


Digital Agency Folio

My Role:



Webflow showcase

Zensite is a full-service creative UI/UX product design agency offering proven digital product design solutions that focuses on success metrics like revenues, retention, and getting to market quickly.

This build featured several custom-made features, including:

  • A full-screen dropdown menu, with color-changing logo
  • Several microinteractions including hover animations on portfolio list items, subtle button hover movements, and more
  • Multiple custom-made sliders and tabs for displaying static or CMS powered information
  • A funky fixed-footer effect
  • CMS powered case studies with dynamic layouts

Zensite was my very first Webflow gig, ever. Thus, the extra time and love poured into this build can bee seen, but also some of the harsher corners of a fledgling developer that needed rounding.

Sadly, with growth and time they have  redesigned their site, albeit with similar visual flares and layout.


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