Joshwork 2.0

Trying really really hard to look cool.


My Old Portfolio

My Role:

Design, Development, Content

Webflow showcase


Joshwork 2.0 was my portfolio site from July 2019 until January of 2021. For all the reasons I decided to redesign my folio, check out my blog.


  • CMS powered random homepage greetings (i.e. 'Hola' and 'Howdy')
  • Custom-made menu button with magic sticky hover effect and RGB open animation
  • Various glitch RBG effects on text and images, including heroic animations and scroll distortions
  • Homepage projects hover effect utilizing a Threejs canvas to put project imagery into the background
  • CMS powered dynamic project page layouts featuring sticky imagery and crazy gallery hover effects
  • Skew effects on scroll
  • A multi-step contact form
  • The beginnings of a CMS-powered blog platform
  • Intricate custom-made page transitions and loading animations
  • Interactive, dynamic section indicators and scroll/back-to-top arrows
  • Vertical text and outlined text (sparingly used)

I loved this site, but it wasn't very authentically me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Joshwork 2.0

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